WordPress Plugins for an eCommerce Website

Best WordPress Plugins for an eCommerce Website

Now a days wordpress is much popular website among the developers.In simple words It is a blogging software as well as a framework for web development. WordPress is an open source software written in PHP. You have to know that wordpress is currently shares around 40% of the all open source softwares landscape.If we are talking about today’s market growth so it has grown so much that all of us have gotten used to shopping from the comfort of our home with just one click on the button. In this casedevelopers try to build for shoppers to get the best experience possible. WordPress is an e-commerce website needs to be able to connect hungry buyers with passionate sellers.

Here we are come up with 4 recommendations for WordPress plugins that will help you develop and expand your e-commerce website. Have a look!

1. WooCommerce — this is the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin that now powers over 30% of all online stores. WooCommerce allows you to sell all shapes and sizes of both physical and digital goods as well as product variations and instant downloads to shoppers all over the world. If we talking about its basic form WooCommerce is a free plugin but its premium extensions offer bookings, memberships and recurring subscriptions.

2. Shopp — this a free e-commerce toolkit which is developed by a group of volunteers with the intention of providing the best framework developers can build upon. Concept of shop is pretty straightforward . user can run sales, add new products, update inventory and ship orders by creating your own order processing labels and move orders through individual workflow steps automatically or manually.

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3. Cart66 Cloud – This premium wordPress theme allows you to set up an online store for selling physical or digital products, digital files, ship products, sell music, accept donations, sell memberships and subscriptions. Cart66 works slightly differently from other e-commerce plugins . So that you still need your own hosting and customers will still visit your website.

4. Shopkeeper — This plugin is the multipurpose WordPress theme and it offers extensive and informative documentation which can be helpful for your startup. There are several elements of Shopkeeper but pleasant appeal and high functionality is the main two element of a shopkeeper.

5. Cayto -this is a modern and stylish WooCommerce theme designed for fashion and style bloggers. If you want a modern blog full of attractive designs and style that will help you to write and sell your key pieces.

We hope it will be helpful for you. That’s all peeps.

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