5 Elements You Must Have in Your Social Brand Profile

5 Elements You Must Have in Your Social Brand Profile

5 Elements You Must Have in Your Social Brand Profile


Today, a number of small and mid-range businesses are using social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to reach out to their audience. You may be surprised to know that more than 50 percent of the population across the globe uses social media regularly. The average user can spend two hours on a daily basis browsing through various platforms. For businesses or brands, this means that a majority of the audience is located and active on social media.

So you can easily reach out to your target demographic and create awareness about your products or services. Many companies are using such networks to build a recognizable brand within a short time. To make a strong impression, here are five elements that you must have in your social brand profile.

  1. Basic Information or Description

One of the first things that people will most likely notice about your profile is the bio, picture and header, and tone of voice. So it is crucial that you include all the relevant information about the brand or add a brief description in the bio. For the display photo, many businesses prefer to have their logo design. This makes it easier to create recognition among the target audience and establish brand consistency as well.

When it comes to networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can also have the brand symbol and tagline in the header. Mostly, they are updated regularly with special offers, discounts or attractive imagery to instantly catch the eye of the consumer. If you are looking to design a professional and appealing icon for your profile, you can consider a social media logo generator.

The basics of social media branding can make a huge difference in the following and attract a wider audience in a short time as well. People are usually looking for brands that have a descriptive bio, clear logo design in their display image and post relevant content.

  1. Suitable Username

This is very important to the ranking of the social brand profile on any network. Since consumers will be using it to search for the page, you should make sure that it represents the company closely. Now, most of the time, brands use the company name for the profile which allows people to easily find the handle on Instagram, Tiktok or Twitter.

Since it’s also added to the URL, you need to keep it short and easy to identify. Keep in mind that the username is different from the display one which can be more descriptive to match the company. Take the example of Fenty Beauty which goes by the same username on Instagram but has a slightly longer profile name.

You can also choose a catchy handle to establish a strong social media presence, however, it should tell people about the business immediately.

  1. Website or Blog Link

It is crucial to include the link of your website or an established blog in your social brand profile. This can help establish credibility and also boost traffic to the homepage or linked post. Mostly, businesses or startups add their website in the bio for Twitter or Instagram. When it comes to Facebook and Youtube, brands can incorporate the link in the ‘About’ section or video description. It’s one element that you must have in your social profile as most people are less likely to trust brands without a website.

Consumers who are looking for more information or details can easily be directed to the page as well. So you should make sure that the link is visible and prominent in the caption, story or shoppable posts where you can add product pages too.

  1. Attractive Cover Image

When people visit the social media brand profile, this is one of the first things that can grab their attention. While not all networks have the option of adding a header or cover image, you should choose an attractive one for Facebook and Twitter. Many brands opt for their taglines or slogans for brand consistency and to create a positive perception among the target audience.

Now, you can change the cover image frequently to convey important information such as a holiday discount or giveaway. It is a good idea to get a professional cover image that tells people what the company has to offer. You can also pick a relevant and appealing image which stays in your memory for a long time and encourages first-time visitors to explore further.

  1. Engaging Visuals

This is a must-have element in your social media profile that can convince people to look for more information or make a purchase. By focusing on the visuals, you can increase your following and boost recognition as well. You can even include your brand colors and logo on a few images to make it easier for consumers to recall your brand later on.

Be it for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, you need to post images or videos that are engaging and relevant to the message. Some brands also add infographics to share data and draw attention to the product packaging as well. Starbucks has managed to attract millions of followers on Instagram with appealing visuals of the beverages on its profile.


Final Thoughts

These are some elements that you must have in your social brand profile. By including a few of them, you can create a strong presence on different networks and increase your reach as well. Due to the rising competition, it is important for your profile to stand out from the others. If you focus on the factors given above, you might be able to gain more potential customers in a short time.