5 New Ways to look at SEO backlinks in 2023

seo backlinks in 2023

SEO is changing, and your digital marketing needs to adapt with a Renewed SEO backlinks strategy for 2023

Link building is not dead, as many might have you believe. The SEO landscape is changing, and that means link-building strategies have to be adapted too. Off-Page SEO is very important, but the volume of link building is not so much what matters today what does is the value of the backlinks generated.

Google also has learned much and is now learning faster thanks to AI. There is not much it cannot see, which has led to many new google updates, and there are more to come. It’s time to proactively prepare for SEO updates if you have not already been doing it.

What type of SEO backlinks are important?

Talking about value, you see, Google wants to assure its users of highly relevant search results. That’s the very premise the search engine was built upon. And to ensure this, they must find pages which are relevant and answer the user’s search queries in the best manner possible. Hence the search engine must only find pages with a higher SEO score (see why the useful content update?).

When it comes to off-page SEO, the search engine is on the lookout for links coming from relevant websites, authority web pages, and pages that are relevant to the subject matter of the page where the link is pointing. These metrics rank your website higher steadily as the number of high-value outbound links grows, so does your web page ranking.

How many SEO backlinks should be created every month? 

It’s no longer about planting a huge number of links here. This will not rank your web pages. Let’s accept it is much harder to build links now. Add to that the changing google algorithm is making it much more difficult to figure out which backlinking tactics work. But quality backlinks work for sure.

For example, when you search for “social media agency bangalore ” you will find our webpage about the special media marketing service ranking on page 1 of a google search. Now that’s months of excellent work by our team of SEO and content writers. It’s a combination of on-page and off-page SEO which has resulted in the page 1 ranking.

As an SEO Company in this business for a long time, we can tell you it’s the beginning of SEO that is crucial; the first 3- 6 months are when you establish your websites link building authority.

This is when you’ll be putting in the most work, developing and implementing an SEO  strategy that will serve as a foundation for your SEO campaign. Let’s look at some of the strategies that can help you with your search engine optimization.

Important SEO Backlinks strategies for 2023

Content Writing and Content Promotion

Creating and promoting content will be among the best link-building strategies of 2023. A case study, an infographic, a guest blog post or a downloadable read; whatever piece of content you curate this year, make sure you market it; share it with your peers for linking, share on social media, share it will other industry professionals, create mailers and there is so much more to be done. Once you have a valuable piece of content, then you can connect with other bloggers and website owners to link back this content to add value to their readers.

For example, if you put together a blog about your findings from a Facebook ads campaign, this could be an interesting resource for an existing blog or webpage that talks about Facebook ads and is a resource that can enhance an existing article.

If you position this information as a helpful resource, you will see a rise in quality links.


HARO for SEO backlinks

The second strategy is using HARO (Help a Reporter Out). HARO is a platform for journalists to connect with industry specialists and get inputs or quotes for an upcoming story or news article.

You can respond to a reporter’s requests by filtering queries that are most relevant to your brand and content strategy.

While it is the low-hanging fruit of PR, it’s not something you control in terms of publishing, but when it comes to the value, can you defeat a link or a mention from a leading news site? I think not.


PR Rejuvenated for better SEO backlinks

PR or press release pitching is like the HARO approach, but the difference is that this time it is you who directly reaches out to publishers. And there are 2 distinct approaches here, one where you will use news distribution websites to disseminate information/news which will then get picked up by multiple publishers who find it useful for their readers. You pay each news distribution site a fee in this case.

The second approach is where you get a few big publications like Forbes or Huffington post to buy into your content pitch. This pitch needs an original content/story idea that publications must find worthwhile. This is a unique story for each publisher and is not distributed like the PR distribution approach.

And nothing is stopping you from hitting TV shows, YouTube creators, or any influencers that connect with your target audience. The more places your brand gets mentioned, the more platforms your content can get links from. These linking and visibility opportunities will generate free traffic to your website, the value of which you will see in your rankings.

What you are doing is amalgamating old-school PR strategies together with new-age SEO backlinking.


Influencer Marketing will be critical for SEO Backlinks 

Influencers are important in the promotion mix today. Their impact on SEO cannot be understated, given that they have the ability to drive traffic which in turn can drive a lot of SEO metrics into positive territory.

Influencers need to feed their audience. This means they are always on the lookout for valuable content. You can pay an influencer to mention your brand in the context of the content strategy you are implementing or when you get an inquiry from the content that the influencer has posted. You can also push offers by generating custom coupon codes for each influencer to use, and that drives direct traffic, which converts. SEO and Sales together. Wonderful, isn’t it? As a digital marketing agency, we are connected with many influencers and can help you with customized influencer marketing campaigns.

Depending on budgets, you can choose between big influencers or micro-influencers, in my opinion, start with small influencers and steadily scale this SEO link-building strategy in 2023.


Active Guest Blogging

This has been a fantastic way to build high-quality links and is relevant even today but not as much as the ones I have mentioned above.


What is guest blogging? 

Guest blogging is when you are invited from outside of your organization to write a blog or article that will be published on another website or blog. In the same manner, you can invite experts on the subjects to do with that organization. So you curate good content on your site that your visitors find useful, and you post on other sites from where you get quality backlinks to your web pages.


Is guest blogging for SEO backlinks important? 

Absolutely. This is where you should spend your resources after the other off-page link-building activities we have mentioned. Remember, guest blogging needs consistency, and that’s what makes it among the difficult aspects of SEO backlinking. It is also a phenomenal visibility strategy that helps establish authority in your business category. That said, there are many more advantages to guest blogging. Some are listed below,

  • Helps Profile building
  • A Potent strategy for Personal Branding
  • Creatives Focused Networking opportunities

When working on or planning an SEO backlinks campaign, the most important point to remember is that a search engine’s goal is to provide the user with the most useful and contextually relevant search results. You help the search engine, and in turn, it helps you.