Content Strategy and SEO Services for New Websites

Content Strategy and SEO Services for New Websites

Search Engine Optimization is a process that aims to increase the flow of traffic from a search engine to a website. There are various categories within SEO, like on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. These SEO services, which help to improve the quality and quantity of the traffic, are provided by individuals or organizations with in-depth knowledge of and experience in this field. Optimizing a web page for search engine performance improves its visibility and helps increase customer acquisition through the website. You can leverage the services of an experienced SEO agency in UAE to set up a great website. Let us take a look at some of the SEO and content strategies that can help your website stand out online.


Mobile SEO

The modern-day lifestyle requires each of us to have a mobile phone. Hence, it is no wonder that smartphones generate a major portion of today’s online traffic. Even Google has adopted a mobile-first approach for indexing web pages. In light of these facts, it is mandatory to optimize your website for mobile platforms.


Mobile optimization includes making sure that your website is lightweight and loads fast. Compressing the various files on your site can help you move a step closer to this goal. Using a responsive web design can help ensure that your website renders well across various screen resolutions. This helps customers enjoy as good an experience as if they were visiting from a desktop browser. If you are looking to outsource mobile SEO services for your website, an established SEO company in UAE might just be the partner you are looking for.


Tailored content and long-tail keywords

Having an idea of who your customers are can also help you get a better understanding of what they might be interested in. This can help you tailor your content better for them. If you focus only on the keywords, you can lose potential opportunities to attract customers when they search for content related to your products and services.


Ideally, you should begin by having a list of topics you want your content to address. You can start by compiling a list of terms related to the content you want to deliver. Using tools like Semrush or Ubersuggest for identifying these terms gives you an idea of the volume and competition around them. Your topics can also help you figure out the best variations of keywords suited for your content. A quick Google search for “SEO agency UAE” can lead you to potential experts who can assist you in determining the best keyword options for your website.


While optimizing for keywords, researching the keywords before performing SEO can help gain better results. The short keywords might have large search volume levels, but they can be hard to rank highly. In contrast, long-tail keywords might not attract that much search volume but can be easier to rank higher for.



Providing users with reliable and quality information is one of the guaranteed ways to improve your website’s authority. Publishing informative content related to your product or service attracts customers to your website even when they are not specifically looking for your service or product. If the users find the information useful, it will give them an incentive to return the next time they want to know something related to this domain. Consistently blogging and updating the older blogs with relevant data provides new opportunities to rank higher on the search engine’s results pages.


Links are important!

Links connect one page to another and are often one of the key factors in deciding the authority of your page. The more links that lead to your site from others, the higher your website will show up in the rankings for that topic. But the use of unoriginal links or buying a lot of links just to boost ranking can lead to penalties being slapped by search engines.


So, how can you improve the use of links without getting penalized? Backlinks to your website from credible sites are one of the options. For this, you have to figure out why people in your domain use linking. Usually, this is done to refer to statistics from surveys or to help readers understand topics that are beyond the scope of their article or blog. Thus, organizing surveys that provide valuable and useful insights is one way to get more people to link to your websites. Or you could provide in-depth blogs and articles related to your area of expertise. These hooks can lead to generating valuable backlinks.


On-page SEO

This refers to the various practices that help organize a website’s data better so that search engines can find it easily. Internal linking can boost your website if done properly. You have to link from high-authority web pages to the ones with the lower authority to improve their ranking. Take care to provide appropriate page titles. Using short, keyword-rich, and human-readable URLs tends to outperform longer ones. Also, try to include terms related to your target keywords in your online content. Optimizing for search intent is also very important, rather than just focusing on keywords.


Content management

There are certain factors creators need to decide on before diving into content creation.


Content formats: Choose the ideal format suited to your brand and target sector. You may think about choosing between podcasts, short or long videos, or textual content. Budget and other resource constraints need to be kept in mind while finalizing this.


Publishing channels: As with the various format options, a content creator also has to decide which channel is best suited for their content. While YouTube may be suited for longer videos, shorter videos might perform better on Instagram. Considering the age of your consumers can also help in deciding which platforms a content creator wants to move forward with.


You should also measure and track your content’s success for optimal performance. If doing all this seems very intimidating, you can hire an SEO agency in Dubai to manage your content.



SEO plays an important role in improving and sustaining the profitability of a business website. Creating quality content with user preferences at the forefront is the quickest way to attract and retain valuable users. If you are not technically equipped to manage the SEO and content for your company or you want to develop your brand further, capitalizing on the services of an SEO company in Dubai will provide huge returns.