Improving the SEO of Your WordPress Site

Improving the SEO of Your WordPress Site

Improving the SEO of Your WordPress Site

If you are running a WordPress site, it is important that you optimize it for various search engines so that you can reach your targeted audience without much of a hassle. SEO helps to make the content on your site appear at the top of search results. This, in turn, helps in driving more traffic to your site and increasing your sales. If you have a business in UAE and you are not capable of handling SEO, you can always seek help from a top SEO company in UAE. Continue reading to understand more on SEO for WordPress sites.


Core Web Vitals

“Core Web Vitals” refers to Google’s algorithm that was recently changed to enhance the user experience. It involves measuring page performance factors such as loading time, user interaction with elements, and visual stability to rank your site’s pages on search engine result pages. You can determine your WordPress site’s core web vitals score via Google Search Console or Google PageSpeed Insights. A higher score ensures a better ranking for your site.


Last Updated Date

Displaying the last updated date in your articles is important as it is a Google ranking factor. It helps search engines understand that you keep content updated. Therefore, it pays to edit your old content and derive SEO benefits. Furthermore, the last edited date will be visible in Google search results and encourage users to visit your site. If you are not convinced, you may check with one of the best SEO services UAE.


Internal Linking

Topical relevance helps improve the SEO score drastically. This means your knowledge of your chosen field comes in handy. Creating hyperlinks from different articles available on your website improves not only site indexing but also the crawl rate. Besides, internal linking makes navigation easy for the visitors to your site and improves the user experience. The bounce rate reduces if visitors stay for a longer period of time on the pages of your site.


Keyword Research

Keyword research continues to be relevant even now! You need to find low-competition keywords so that you can make your site rank higher on SERPs. Premium tools like AHREFs and SEMRush will be of great help to you in finding rankable keywords for your niche. If you can’t use paid tools, you can make use of free keyword research tools. If you are not tech-savvy, seek advice from the best SEO agency in UAE.


Sponsored Tags

Google’s latest suggestion in SEO is to add “sponsored” tags to affiliate links. This helps Google understand that you are being paid by these links. Earlier on, only “Nofollow” tags were added to referral links. If you are using Gutenberg, the latest WordPress editor, adding the link attribute is easy.


SEO Audit

Conducting an effective SEO audit keeps your WordPress website updated as per all the recent trends and technological developments. This ensures that your site ranks well on search engine result pages. In addition, it helps you set the right broken links, improve technical SEO, and ensure the best experience for the visitors to your site. If you do not know how an SEO audit is performed, you must consult with the best SEO services in UAE.


Site Visibility

WordPress allows you to choose whether search engines should access your site or not. You need to check and find out if you have been given access to search engines to crawl your site. In the admin panel settings, uncheck the box before the statement “Discourage search engines from indexing this site.” This will drastically improve your WordPress site’s SEO. You can check the box when the site is under construction or maintenance.


SEO Friendly URLs

You can make the URL structures SEO-friendly by incorporating the targeted keyword into them. Besides, both users and search engines should be able to read the URLs. Furthermore, change the URLs as, by default, WordPress permalinks are not very SEO-friendly.



Breadcrumbs are nothing but navigational aids. They help you understand where you are on a website and improve your ability to navigate through various web pages. Website developers often tend to overlook this aspect, but it helps improve the SEO of your WordPress site by facilitating the backtracking process. In search results, search engines show up breadcrumbs. This can impact your site’s SEO.


Header Tags

Optimizing HTML header tags enables search engines to understand your website content, as in the case of permalinks. The key header tag (H1) is the page title. WordPress automatically assumes the title as H1. However, you are required to add subheadings H2 to H6 and properly organize the content so that search engines can easily determine how the text is interrelated. Making the content keyword-rich helps search engines understand the content better.


Meta Description

The meta description provides a brief idea of the content available on a particular page. Search engines display meta descriptions in search results to help users decide whether they should access the page for more information or not. If it is written well, the meta description helps increase the CTR and improves the page’s overall ranking. It works better when you include relevant keywords in the meta description.


Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization should be avoided. It often happens when you make use of the focus keyword in several articles. This is not at all good for SEO. You must merge or delete a part of the content if multiple web pages show up when you type in the targeted keyword in the browser search box.


Wrapping Up

WordPress makes it easy for even non-technical users to create websites and write blogs. WordPress, which is available for free, powers approximately 40 percent of the Internet and provides an extremely user-friendly content management system. Though WordPress claims that the platform is SEO-friendly, you need to focus on implementing the abovementioned points to derive the best search engine optimization results. If you are wondering how you can find the best company for SEO in UAE, we can help you. At SEO Expert India, we specialize in improving SEO results for WordPress sites.