SEO Guide 2021 for Construction Business Website


Construction Website SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization enjoys a high degree of correlation with digital marketing and also the suite of different customer engagement solutions. When planned well and implemented ingeniously, your efforts in these lines can give you the best ROI in terms of more customers, voluminous sales, and bigger profits.

A 2017 research conducted by the Construction Marketing Outlook Survey found that an overwhelming 73.1 percent of firms in the construction domain are keen to increase their spending on targeted SEO solutions. This fact has a clear message that managers are highly convinced of such efforts. Now we must look into the questions if there are some specific SEO strategies that can prove useful for construction firms and if so, what kind of results can we expect from them? The information below can help construction firms drive more effectiveness into their SEO efforts and maximize the ROI.

Promoting brand recognition

Any business hoping to succeed needs to promote brand recognition in its respective field. Experts call this ‘brand identity.’ Construction firms must first try to achieve a trustworthy and authoritative presence that is most likely to appeal to the average customer. Brand identity is important in terms of conversions and click-through rates. There are also several other ways for construction firms to promote their recognition among the existing and new customers. We can group these strategies into two broad categories namely on-page and off-page SEO.

What is on-site and off-site SEO?

The purpose of any SEO campaign is to achieve three basic tasks namely making the website rank higher on the search engine results, encouraging inbound traffic to the website, and augment sales. It needs to do all this is to beat the increasing competition within the industry. A structured approach to SEO can help narrow down the spending done on SEO practices. Therefore, from the beginning of an SEO mission, all the efforts need to be focused. The smart approach to SEO is to understand the main differences between on-site and off-site SEO techniques.

Onsite SEO targets to provide the website with the required tools to optimize its presence and performance on the search engines. The various tasks forming part of onsite SEO include the following:

• Content optimization with the right use of keywords
• Implementing the right keywords and key phrases within the given content.
• Deploying the relevant HTML tags like meta descriptions and meta tags to enable the search engines to interpret what is contained in the site.

• Preparing a site map consisting of a detailed layout of the website to decide what pages are the most important
• Optimizing the page speed, page loading time, and navigation features
• Mobile optimizing a website to perform well on mobile devices

All the tasks listed above can be implemented one by one in a piecemeal fashion to achieve the end results. They can also be broken down based on their priorities.

Steps to implementing the Construction SEO strategies:
• Analyzing the website’s functionality
• Examining the loading time of each page
• Locating the remedying the HTML errors
• Researching with the industry trends and keywords
• Implementing the analytics done to improve the quality of the content

All these points must be attempted systematically to ensure that no stone is left unturned.
Offsite SEO refers to those tasks that are not directly concerned with the website. However, the ultimate goal of offsite SEO is to boost up the inbound traffic and increase the conversion rates. While onsite SEO is the pivotal point of the entire SEO mission, offsite SEO can be described as the spokes of the wheel.

Some popular strategies that you can implement as part of offsite construction SEO
• Making the right use of Google My Business listings
• Developing a strong social media presence through networking
• Encouraging positive customer reviews
• Taking part in PPC (Pay-per-click) programs
• Creating inbound links to some sites with a high degree of online authority
• Blogging in a regular fashion

Many construction firms might be familiar with working with all these points we have listed here. Nevertheless, onsite SEO is very important to ensure longitudinal success.

The right approach in front of any construction firm to augment its online presence, customer visits, sales, and profits is to make the right use of onsite and offsite SEO strategies in right conjunction with each other.

How to create a tailor-made SEO strategy that can be effective in your case
The right way to figure out the route in any travel is to decide the destination. To decide on the most effective strategies that can work well for onsite and offsite SEO, you must first gather details on the following aspects.

• What type of audience does your construction company want to target?
• The location of your target audience
• Essential products and services you offer
• The spending habits of your target customers

You will notice that these segments of SEO are concerned with marketing.
Once you develop the clarity and insight in these lines, you can channelize your subsequent efforts in the right direction.

You must also focus on some discrete elements like creating the mission statement, logo, and other foundational elements that can determine the route you wish to take forward. These aspects will decide how you want to relate your firm with the customers and what type of customer engagement you are targeting.

Examine your content thoroughly and create quality content. As is the case with any other sector, content is the king when it comes to the construction sector also.

In addition to tuning the content to become SEO friendly, there are also other things your content needs to achieve including the following.

• Give an overview of the services offered
• Get engaged with the target audience effectively
• create interest in the minds of the readers in your products and services
• Implementing the right set of keywords into the content to achieve a higher ranking on the popular search engines.


Take home

Construction SEO is a tricky and challenging task. As an entrepreneur, you might not have the knowledge, skills, and time or the in-house resources needed to satisfy the objectives we have discussed in this article. Therefore, contracting accomplished SEO companies to plan and lead your SEO efforts can pay you in terms of measurable and sustainable results.